Upstart Crow: The Food of Love (BBC-2 2 Oct 2017, with Noel Fielding)

Upstart Crow The Food Of Love

In episode 4, The Food Of Love, Will makes theatrical history by inventing the greatest hits musical. All he has to do is get hold of the madrigal back catalogue of Elizabethan England’s greatest song writer, Thomas Morley (Noel Fielding).

But Robert Greene (Mark Heap) and his gang of sneering poets are determined to keep popular music off the London stage…

David Mitchell stars as William Shakespeare in a comedy about the work and family life of Britain’s favourite balding literary genius.

Pictured are Thomas Morley (Noel Fielding), Will (David Mitchell) Burbage (Steve Speirs)

Upstart Crow: The Food of Love Episode 4 (of 6) airs on Monday 2 October 2017 from 8.30pm-9.00pm on BBC Two.

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