Victoria Season 2 Episode 7 (ITV 8 Oct 2017, with Tilly Steele)

Victoria Season 2 Episode 7

The acclaimed historical drama, starring Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria and Tom Hughes as Prince Albert, continues it’s second season with episode seven airing on Sunday 8 Oct at 9.00pm on ITV. Also starring are Dame Diana Rigg, Nigel Lindsay, Ferdinand Kingsley and Tilly Steele.

Repeated assassination attempts on Queen Victoria lead to increased security at the palace. Feeling suffocated, Victoria decides to escape to the land she had fantasised about as a child – the Scottish Highlands. However, it is not the romantic retreat she has read about in her Walter Scott novels, and she still feels that, wherever she is in the world, she cannot escape the fact that she is Queen.

When a day out takes an unexpected turn, Victoria and Albert revel in their newfound anonymity and finally get to experience playing the traditional role of husband and wife. The escape from normal palace life, for both royals and servants, brings secrets and romance bubbling to the surface on a liberating midsummer’s night. The holiday has to end eventually though, and it is not long before Victoria and her court must return to London and to face reality.

Victoria Season 2 Episode 7 airs on Sunday 8 October 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.

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