The Only Way Is Essex Series 20 Continues on 12 Mar on ITVBe

The Only Way Is Essex Series 20 12 Mar 2017

The UK’s most talked-about reality show, The Only Way Is Essex, continues its 20th series this week with two more episodes. The new series kicked off last week with half of the gang heading to Tenerife, where the gossip mill quickly went into overdrive thanks to Liam starts a rumour concerning Megan’s best friend Amber T and Dan Edgar.

This week, Amber has an awkward encounter with an outspoken Georgia, who pulls her up on her recent behaviour, and pleads forgiveness with best friend Megan over her dishonesty. After Jamie confronts Dan about the truth behind the rumours, Jamie and Amber finally meet up to discuss the situation. Pete and Megan both reflect separately on their relationship, and Pete raises the possibility of relationship counselling with Lockie, while Megan seeks out Chloe S for clarity on her comments about Pete being unhappy.

Gemma’s revelation about Arg goes public, and Lydia is stunned when she finds out Arg and Gemma slept together just hours before her own frisson with Arg! Will Gemma be able to face Lydia? Several familiar faces return to Essex, with Chloe S and Mario mulling over her break-up with Liam and Nathan and Cara paying a visit to Tommy and Georgia’s party

The series then continues with another episode on Wednesday at 10.00pm

The Only Way Is Essex Series 20 Episodes 3 and 4 air on Sunday 12 and Wednesday 15 March at 10.00pm on ITVBe.

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