Wild UK: Forests (BBC-1 25 Jul 2017)

Wild UK

Lucy Cooke and Colin Stafford-Johnson continue their week-long adventure around the UK’s wildlife hotspots. In the second episode it’s the turn of wild forests.

Lucy discovers how the success of the pine marten in Scotland is also helping a recovery of the animals in Wales. Colin travels deep in to one of Britain’s wildest places – Keilder Forest – and the team go behind the scenes with the Wild Alaska team tracking down grizzly bears.

The show also discovers the surprising blue beetle living in the heart of Dartmoor’s wooded valleys and how a long lost beast has made a comeback to our forests: the wild boar.

Wild UK: Forests Episode 2 (of 5) airs Tuesday 25 July 2017 from 9.15am-10.00am on BBC One.

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