World’s Weirdest Homes (Channel 4 6 Dec 2015 with Charlie Luxton)

AIRDATE: Sunday 6 December 2015 at 7.30pm on Channel 4 | 60 minutes

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton presents the world’s 20 weirdest, most fascinating and jaw-dropping homes, counting down to reveal what he thinks is the weirdest house on earth. Each home in this fantastical hall of architectural fame is a distinct, unique one-off.

In expensive New York, Charlie meets an artist with one of the cheapest and most innovative houses you’ll ever see: Greg lives in a dumpster.

Plus: a Boeing 727 home in a pine forest; Pierre Cardin’s summer house, which looks like it belongs on Mars but is in the south of France; an underground former nuclear missile silo decked out like a love-pad; a rotating house in the Australian outback; a house in Portugal that looks like it was made by Fred Flintstone; a summerhouse built in the middle of a frequently-flooding river in Serbia; a perfect replica of the house from the 1960s sitcom The Munsters; a kitsch underground nuclear bunker in Las Vegas; and a house shaped like a giant beagle. Charlie meets a man from Middlesbrough who built an island home out of plastic bottles in Mexico, while ‘Mr Toilet’ has built a giant toilet house in South Korea, and a famous Mexican architect has created an apartment block that looks like a giant iridescent snake, complete with a mouth and tail.

Plus the narrowest house in the world, a cargo ship that has been cut in half and put on a cliff, and more…

Executive Producers: Sanjay Singhal, Jon Alwen
Producer and Director: Storm Theunissen
Production Company: Voltage TV

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