The Worst Witch Episode 10 (CBBC 8 Mar 2017, with Amanda Holden)

Worst Witch

Amanda Holden flies into The Worst Witch, with episode 10 airing on CBBC Wed 8 March at 4.30pm, playing head teacher Miss Pentangle, whose school is taking part in the Annual Spelling Bee against Cackle’s Academy.

Everyone is excited, all except Miss Hardbroom, who balks at hearing the rival school will be visiting Cackle’s and that Mildred is one of the contestants. Miss Hardbroom is doggedly determined that the school will perform brilliantly and puts a strict training plan in place.

Miss Pentangle and her contestants arrive, but why is Miss Hardbroom so on edge? Miss Pentangle is everything Miss Hardbroom isn’t – colourful, cheerful and friendly… but could there be more to Ms Hardbroom’s competitiveness than meets the eye?

During the spelling bee Miss Pentangle sees Mildred’s potential, offering her a scholarship at her school. But will she take up the offer? And, after discovering that Miss Pentangle and Ms Hardbroom have history, just how does Mildred manage to tease out a rare moment of softness from Ms Hardbroom?

The Worst Witch Episode 10 (of 13) airs on Wednesday 8 March 2017 from 4.30pm-5.00pm on CBBC.

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