100 Mile Rule

Distributor: Universal
Certificate: MA15+ | 89 Minutes
Director: Brent Huff
Cast: Jake Weber, Michael McKean, Maria Bello
Extras: No

Despite having a mostly no name cast (McKean and an up and coming Maria Bello are the biggest names) and some pretty strong language 100 Mile Rule is a very enjoyable comedy thriller that pokes a healthy dose of fun at the whole erotic thriller genre.

Bobby (Jake Weber), Jerry (David Thornton) and Howard (Michael McKean) are three salesmen from Detroit on a business seminar, both Jerry and Howard are determined to have some fun (i.e sleep with some women) justified by their 100 mile rule of if you are further than a hundred miles away from home then what you get up to doesnt count. Bobby, happily married with a young family is determined to behave until he meets Monica (Maria Bello) and ends up spending the night with her.
This is where the fun really starts, Monica has supposedly filmed their affair and is ready to blackmail Bobby for $60,000 Jerry and Howard put in place a plan to come out on top but things go from bad to worse.

Unexpectedly 100 Mile Rule is a real treat, very very funny (Drew Pillsburys script is excellent) and David Thornton as full on Jerry with the fly away hair steals every scene he is in.

100 Mile Rule turns the conventions of the B-Movie thriller on its head and if it had had a high profile cast (Harrison Ford would have been great as Jerry) then the movie could have had smash potential.

If you can get by all the swearing (and there is a lot) and some gratuitous nudity then you will be nicely entertained by 100 Mile Rule.

Only extra is The Trailer.

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