20000 Leagues Under The Sea

Buena Vista Home Entertainment. 
Another vintage Disney classic gets a welcome release, originally stirring up the big screen 50 years ago 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, based on the novel by Jules Verne, features a team of Victorian scientists, led by Kirk Douglas and also including Peter Lorre and Paul Lukas, who mange to get themselves shipwrecked only to be taken captive by the slightly off kilter Captain Nemo (played with great gusto by James Mason).

Back in the day, 20,000 Leagues was a big action spectacular and it has to be said, judged with 50 years hindsight the effects still stand up well today, set design is also worth mentioning, the Nautilus looks great.The cast are clearly enjoying themselves and Peter Lorre manages to chew up the scenery in his usual overblown but entertaining way. Throw in a set peice involving a giant squid and youve got a perfect movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

EXTRAS: A great package for a vintage movie including prime Disney material such as the featurette called Explorers of the Imagination, focusing on both Jules Verne and Walt Disney, a feature on the Monsters of the Deep, an excellent period tour of Nemos ship The Nautilus and couple of featurettes on squids (The Humbolt Squid: A Real Sea Monster and Lost Treasures: The Sunset Squid).

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