61 Hours By Lee Child

Published by Bantam March 2010

When a new Jack Reacher novel arrives on the scene then it is time to drop everything and prepare for a rollercoaster all action thriller of superb proportions. Cast aside the book you are reading, pick up your toothbrush, passport and enough money to buy a change of clothes and hit the road Jack!

Since leaving the army Jack Reacher has travelled endless across the United States on a quest to visit all the places on the map he missed when he was travelling the world as a Sergeant in the military police. In the fourteenth Reacher novel Jack is on a bus in a wintery South Dakota, when the bus crashes Reacher has to use all of his resources to just keep alive. Heading towards the nearest town, which is 20 miles away, sees Jack (all six foot five, 220 pounds of him) drawn into the problems of a witness who is being zealously guarded by none too savoury characters. And just what of the deadly man in Mexico who seems to control everything going on in the town.

It’s classic Reacher, action packed, strong of plot and told at fine speed with the whole story taking place over the course of the 61 hours of the title.

Fans will not be disappointed, what is even better is though is the fact that Child has another Jack Reacher novel coming out later this year!

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