A Heart Elsewhere

Distributor: Fox Home Entertainment
Certificate: PG
Director: Pupi Avati
Cast: Neri Marcor and Vanessa Incontrada
Extras: Yes
Easter Eggs: No

Wonderful, poignant period romantic drama set in the 1920s and telling the story of Nello Balocchi, 35, shy and clumsy who is sent by his businessman father to teach at a school in Bologna only to find love in the most unlikely place, a tea dance at a home for blind women. Falling into a passionate affair with Angela Gardini, Nello has soon had his life turned upside down.

Based on a true story that the parents of director Avati told him as a child A Heart Elsewhere is very lovely with a tone reminiscent of the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, both leads are excellent, Neri Marcor as the naive and innocent in the ways of love schoolteacher and the gorgeous Vanessa Incontrada here in her film debut is obviously a face to watch.

Perfect for a romantic evening with its theme of love finding a way. Watch and enjoy.

EXTRAS: Excellent feature going behind the scenes and featuring interviews with cast and crew. The original theatrical trailer, a pretty good photo gallery, cast and crew filmographies and trailers for other movies in the world cinema collection available from Fox and Palace.

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