Afro Samurai

Madman Entertainment / 125 minutes / region 4

If anyone was surely born to be an afro samurai then the kick ass, take no crap Samuel L Jackson is that man and this gruesomely violent Tarantino flavoured anime pulls no punches in its tale of a man seeking (literally) Justice for the death of his father. Justice acutally happens to be a person, the number one fighter in the world and Afro needs to become number two fighter if he is going to be able to challenge Justice, helped by his friend Ninja Ninja Afro must do battle with pretty much everyone who crosses his path, from bounty hunters to crazy monks.

Set in some war ravaged world and full of blood and gore (in fact this directors cut ramps up the blood and nudity count even more as well as even more flashbacks and believe me there are is lot of flitting around eras) Afro Samurai is an ultimately satisfying series, the hook that the series hangs on is very funny too, only the possessor of the No2 Headband can fight the number one headband owner, it seems that blood thirsty killers in this scenario have their own particular code of conduct.

Packed full of action sure to delight fans of the genre and despite being a little blood thirsty there is lots here for the casual fan to enjoy.

Extras include original artwork by Takahashi Okazaki; Interview & character profiles with commentary by Eric Calderon, RZA music production tour and a look at the voice cast with In The Booth: The Voice Talent of Afro Samurai.

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