Alias Season One

Released by Buena Vista Home Entertainment. 6 Disc box set

Its no surprise that Alias has quickly become one of the hottest properties on the box with its Charlies Angels for the new millennium sensibilities, allowing star Jennifer Garner to kickstart her movie career in the process.

Buena Vista have released all 22 episodes of season one in a 6 disc set giving us the chance to take a fresh look at the evolution of the show.

Creator J.J. Abrahams came up with the idea for the show whilst working on Felicity (Garner had had a small role in that series too), mixing in aspects of The Avengers, X-Files and yes even the afore mentioned Charlies Angels, Alias sees uni student Sydney Bristow (Garner) get drafted into a special operations CIA cell called SD-6 (her father Jack played by Victor Garber just happens to also be a member) with a twist of having to keep her involvement with the group secret from everyone (in one poignant moment Sydney confides in her boyfriend only for it to cost him his life).

One great thing about Alias has been its ability to attract high profile guest stars including the likes of Ethan Hawke, Malcolm McDowell, Roger Moore, Quentin Tarantino, Rutger Hauer, David Carradine and Christian Slater. Mixing elements of science fiction (especially the technology factor) and classic spy stories (spy-fi if you like) this is a very exciting show putting Bristow (whose undercover roles give ample chance for skimpy clothes and jiggle television) in a tangle of double and even triple crosses in exotic places. First rate stuff, roll on season two!

EXTRAS: A good package, there is an introduction and commentary for episode 22 by the shows creators as well as a very intriguing production diary for the pilot, various deleted scenes, a gag reel, TV spots for the show, a look at the video game and a look ahead to season 2.

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