Along Came Polly

Distributor: Universal Home Entertainment
Certificate: M15+
Director : John Hamburg
Cast: Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing, Bryan Brown, Hanz Azaria
Extras: Yes

Along Came Polly initially makes you think you are for a nice romanctic little date movie but before you know it you are in hysterics as uptight Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiler) is dumped on his honeymoon but learns to experience more than a little life and love thanks to old childhood friend Polly Prince.

Feffer is a risk assessor for an insurance company and lives his life in a no risk must stick to the schedule kind of way, newly married to Debra Messing Stillers Feffer is none too pleased when he discovers her in bed with Hank Azarias hilarious and very buffed Fronch acconted scuba diving instructor, only a few days later into Feffers life walks Polly Prince (a generally delightful Jennifer Aniston) who likes to Salsa and pretty much live life by no rules at all, Feffer is quickly swept up into Pollys life.

Very funny indeed Along Came Polly is full of stand out performances especially Philip Seymour Hoffman who turns in a fantastic performance as Sandy Lyle a has been actor still living on past glories and his tale of sharting at a party will have you in stitches, also good is Bryan Brown as an extreme sports loving client of Stillers who has to prove he is a safe bet for his company.

Hank Azarias two short appearances in the movie will also have you roaring with laughter.

Having watched this movie with my wife and our best friends the girls have developed an unhealthy interest in the buffness of Azarias body (Adonis, perfect, were just some of the words that cropped up more than once and for several days after the movie too; Although we boys were compensated by the Jennifer Aniston hotpants sequence).

A real romantic comedy in every sense of the word (with the emphasis on comedy) Along Came Polly is a treat not to be missed.

Extras: Deleted scenes, alternate opening (both with commentaries), riskmaster a feature about risk taking hosted by Joe Rogan from Fear Factor; Rodolfo Goes To Hollywood a feature about Anistons pet ferret in the movie and an audio commentary from Aniston and director John Hamburg.

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