Angel Season Four

Distributor: Fox Entertainment

Cast: David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallett and Charisma Carpenter

Extras: Yes

Reviewer: Frannie

Angel is sealed in a coffin and tossed in the ocean by Connor and Justine. When Wesley finds Angel and brings him back he confronts Connor and kicks him out, but maintains a watch over him. Cordelia comes back and initially doesnt know who anyone is and when she gets her memory back it includes some extras such as Angels past. She is frightened and needs some space so she takes off to Connor who she seduces and consequently gets pregnant by.

A powerful and evil monster is in town and he knows Angel as Angelus. To try and find out something about the monster they decide to bring back Angelus. When Angels soul is stolen Angelus is free to rampage at will. Upon hearing about the return of Angelus Faith breaks out of jail with the mission to catch Angelus. Cordelia convinces Connor to leave with her now that Angel is back and they go off to deliver their baby.

Jasmine is born as a fully-grown deity which leaves Cordelia in a coma. Jasmine uses telepathy to control her subjects and institutes a time of peace, the price of which is that humanity has no free will, and she eats a few people each day. When Fred discovers how to break the thrall they are all under, they all must work together to get rid of Jasmine.

DVD Extras
There are the standard commentary episodes where you can hear the voice over from the scriptwriters or directors as they explain why they created the episode in that way, which is interesting but really only to die-hard fans. There are stacks of Angel and Buffy promotional trailers, which are pretty ordinary. There is about an hour worth of interviews with cast and crewmembers and it is a bit odd hearing Wesley talking with an American accent.

The outtakes were pretty funny and I would have liked to have seen more of them.

My View I thought that this series was a bit of a let down. I really didn’t enjoy the whole Jasmine character and David Boreanaz as a sycophant was rather creepy. This is the series where Angel got fat and Fred got thinner, Wesley dabbled in the dark side and Gun cleaned his act up. There were some stand out special effects, namely the sky raining fire after the monster blocked out the sun, and Jasmines’ true face with all of its maggoty things was seriously gross. This is the series where Wesley really shone. The writers had his character delving into his darker side as he learnt to become ruthless and calculating, which previously they had not had him be. I think that Alexis Denisof, all rugged and manly looking, was the highlight of this series.

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