Annie Leibovitz Life Through A Lens

Warner Home Video / Region 1

Probably the most well known photographer in the world Annie Leibovitz has become almost as well known as the stars she has spent years photographing. This excellent new documentary takes us on a journey through her life.

Originally made as part of PBS’s American Masters series, Life Through A Lens tracks Leibovitz’s career from her beginnings in the late 1960’s through her work with Rolling Stone magazine and her incredibly iconic work for Vanity Fayre; When it comes to major stars she has certainly shot them all from JOhn Lennon’s last photo shoot to the infamous pregnant and nude Demi Moore Vanity Fayre cover, Annie has been there.

It’s full of interviews with the great and the good from Moore to the likes of Arnold Schwarznegger, Whoopi Goldberg and Hilary Clinton but the most interesting moments are the personal ones, such as Leibovitz on how motherhood changed her and the glimpses of her non celebrity work. Never less than highly insightful, Life Through A Lens is a great look into the world of a significant artist. Extras are pretty cool too featuring as they do over an hours worth of extra interviews and five galleries divided into the subjects Celebrity, Commercial Work, Fashion, Photo Stories and Work Ethic.

Well worth a look.

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