Around The World In 80 Days

Released by MRA Entertainment. Available to buy. 3 Disc Set.

Rating from his pre James Bond days Pierce Brosnan takes centre stage in this lavish three part 1989 production of Jules Vernes famous novel. With a high budget for a TV production of $16 million the serial follows Brosnan (playing Philias Fogg) as he attempts to travel around the world (by land, by sea and in an hot air balloon) in 80 days or less in order to win a 20,000 pound bet with his fellow members of the Reform Club.

Aided only by his faithful servant Passpartout (played by the fabulous Eric Idle) Fogg is soon having adventures aplenty (the whole plotline works basically as a chance to string a series of adventure stories together with the 80 days angle driving the narrative.

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