Bad Girls Season Four

Distributor: Kaleidoscope Film
Duration: 900 minutes (including extras)
Cast: Debra Stephenson, Alicia Eyo, Jack Ellis
Certificate: MA15+
Extras: Yes
Still riding high at the top of ratings by season four the girls at Larkhall were still up to no good with their plotting and scheming.

Set inside a womens prison and pulling no punches Bad Girls makes Prisoner look like real family fare. The prison itself had a bit of a facelift for this fourth season with a whole new backlot purposely built, now released in a well packaged five disc box set by Kaleidoscope, but the plot lines still hit hard.

In a nutshell this series key events include (over the course of 16 episodes) Shell (Debra Stephenson) and Denny (Alicia Eyo) still on the run in Spain; A new governor turning up; Julie J having to face her daughter coming into prison too;

A birth on the wing when Crystal has a baby; Warder Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) going too far with one of the inmates and an audacious escape plan is put into action during a prison open day, not a series for the feint of heart and probably not one that you can just dip into but for any fan of the series then this is a must have not least because of the great extras package.

EXTRAS: Disc five is devoted to the extras and features a movie length version of the whole of the first series (the key events anyway); A whole crop of outtakes, a tour with Jack Ellis of the new exterior set built for this season; a promo put together to help sell the series to the international market, a photo gallery, footage from a fan convention in the year 2000 and wallpapers for your PC.

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