Ballykissangel Series Two

Distributor: Roadshow Home Entertainment
Certificate: PG | Region: 4

Extras: No

Stephen Tompkinson, Dervla Kirwan, Tina Kellegher, Tony Doyle, Niall Tobin

Right from its first episode in 1996 it was clear that Ballykissangel was classic Sunday night television with its quirky comedy drama tales of naive English priest Father Peter Clifford (Tompkinson) taking up a new post in the sleepy Southern Irish village of the title. Brian Quigley (the brilliant and much missed Tony Doyle) is the local businessman bigwig who pretty much rules the town but its the relationship between Father Peter and pub owner Assumpta Fitzgerald (Dervla Kirwan) that lies at the heart of the show and although bound by the rules of celibacy of the Catholic faith Father Peter is drawn to Assumpta whose spirated ways and cynacism are the opposite of everything Peter holds dear.

Season two builds on the success of season one and also builds on the ensemble feel that season one set up. Brian Quigley’s daughter Niamh is now married to local copper Ambrose and the pair are desperately trying for a baby (there’s a very touching episode, The Facts of Life, where Ambrose and Niamh miscarry their baby and Father Peter finds a baby abanoned on his doorstep). Brian Quigley himself is still intent on building his empire and Father Peter is still getting grief from his superior Father MacNally who remains unconvinced of Peter’s ability as a priest. Most importantly though its the arrival on the scene of musician Enda who has his eyes on Assumpta that stirs things up the most.

A hugely enjoyable series that remains as fresh and funny now as on its original broadcast. Very watchable.

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