Battlestar Galactica The Original Series

7 Disc Set. Released by Universal.

One of 1970 TVs most hyped shows Battlestar Galactica was touted as a cross between the Book of Exodus and Wagon Train. Now the entire series on 7 discs has been released by Universal giving us the chance to make up our minds on the series.

Obviously heavily influenced by Star Wars (the effects are by the same guy John Dykstra) producer Glen A Larson came up with the series premise, its the seventh millennium and in the feature length opener 12 of the 13 humanoid civilisations are wiped out by the deadly Cylon race, the survivors head off in a convoy of 220 small space ships headed by the giant spaceship Battlestar Galactica determined to find the only place of safety they know Planet Earth.

Lorne Greene stars as Commander Adama, head of the Battlestar whilst his son Apollo (Richard Hatch), other main characters include Dirk Benedicts brash and cocky Lt Starbuck, Muffit the mechanical dog, second in command Colonel Tigh (Terry Carter) and the medic Cassiopeia (Laurette Spang).

The series had a major baddie of course, John Colicos as Count Baltar who was in league with the Cylons and was determined to track down the Battlestar Galactica at any cost.

Actually great fun this release contains all episodes of the series as well as including a bonus disc (disc 7) that includes a whole raft of extras including, The Creation of Battlestar Galactica (an interview with creator Glen Larson), A look at the Cylons, a small feature on Daggit the robot dog (Daggit was actually a two year old chimpanzee called Evie), a photo gallery, a very extensive and illuminating 45 minute doco on the history of the show and stacks of deleted scenes.

A good set of extras for a vintage show.

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