Believe Nothing

Released by Kaleidoscope Film.

Rik Mayall is at his arrogant best as the cleverest man in Britain Professor Adonis Cnut (pronounced Ca-newt), written by the fantastic team of Lawrence Marks and Maurice Gran (responsible for such classics as Shine on Harvey Moon, Birds of a Feather and Mayalls own New Statesman.

Cnut thirsts for new challenges to engage his mind and as such finds himself drafted into the somewhat shadowy organisation The Council for International Progress a team of 13 people who actually control the world, however Adonis (who considers himself irresistible to women) spends most of his time lusting after his colleague Dr Hannah Awkward (played by Emily Bruni). Supporting Mayall is the wonderful Michael Maloney as Cnuts aide de camp Albumen (Maloneys performance is a highlight throughout) and Don Warrington as head of The Council

Believe Nothing is very very clever with funny dialogue and a great line in double entendres. Full of topical jokes (episode 3 sees Rory Bremner as President Dubbya Bush we are currently occupied in a war against global tourism, I have soldiers in Afghanastinia and Kosovania and we are about to invade Bagdadistan ) the show has a very similar feel to the classic Whoops Apocalypse, somewhat stagey in style but touching on serious subjects in an archly satirical style.

Very recommended and the kind of show that has great re-watchability, in fact you need to watch it more than once to pick up all the jokes.
Extras include interviews with the three principals as well as writers Marks and Gran and there is also an extensive bloopers section.

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