Best Of Spike Milligan

Roadshow Home Entertainment.
Very handy compendium from Roadshow Entertainment of the best bits of Spike Milligans anarchic TV output, most concentrating on his Q sketch series.

Milligan had achieved fame in the sixties as one the Goons and had a couple of bashes at TV with such shows as 1956s Idiot Weekly Price 2d and the very controversial Curry and Chips but it was with 1968s first Q series that he really hit his stride, predating Monty Python by a year Milligan mined a very similar seam to the Python boys (indeed he was a major influence on all the Pythons) with non linear gags and free form sketches.

This collection takes the form of a reminiscence by Spike for a would be TV celebration of his TV career, often uproariously funny but with plenty of misfires too Spike is clearly enjoying himself, working hard to avoid the giggles, highlights would have to be the Irish Olympics and the Idiot of the Year show and with support from such people as John Bluthal, David Lodge, Kenneth Griffith, Peter Jones, Bob Todd and even Michael Parkinson and Katie Boyle there is much to be enjoyed in this release. No extras though unfortunately.

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