Big Jake

Released by Paramount Entertainment.

Definitely one of John Waynes better later movies and a real family affair with Waynes sons Patrick and John Ethan appearing in front of the camera with their Dad and oldest son Michael acting as producer. Wayne also teams up again (for the fifth time) with Maureen OHara.
Carrying with it a real light hearted and even humorous feel Big Jake sees Wayne playing the eponymous character of the title, a cowboy of the old school, hearing that his grandson has been kidnapped Big Jim McCandles returns home to the wife (Maureen OHara) he hasnt seen for 18 years to find out what is going on.

Set at a time when the Wild West was becoming more modernised and 20th century Waynes character is still sticking doggedly to the old ways going after the kidnappers with an Indian scout (Bruce Cabot) whilst the police are now driving automobiles.
Very enjoyable and with a bit to say about getting old Big Jake is a treat, with gunfights galore, a rousing Elmer Berstein score and Waynes idea of frontier justice.

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