Carrington VC

Distributor: Prime DVD
Certificate: PG | 102 minutes | Region 2
Only available to buy in the UK.

Extras: No

David Niven, Noelle Middleton, Michael Bates, Laurence Naismith, Maurice Denham, Victor Maddern, Mark Dignam, Raymond Francis, Newton Blick, Geoffrey Keen, Margaret Leighton, Clive Morton

Whilst David Niven might have often come across as a real laid back kind of actor he was actually capable of very subtle playing and is at the top of his game here in this classic 1955 British movie.

In Carrington VC Niven plays Major Charles “Copper” Carrington who having won the Victoria Cross for derring do at Tobruk finds his life unravelling when he is accused of stealing money, 100 pounds, from the barracks safe, when he denies all charges Copper finds himself up on a court martial.

As events escalate Copper’s marriage looks like it is going to fall apart, not least because of the fact that he has been having an affair. Director Anthony Asquith cranks up the tension considerably as the film progresses and Niven is superb as the trapped Copper who under pressure tries to justify his apparent guilt.

Backed by a cast of stalwart British character actors including the likes of Margaret Leighton as Carrington’s wife, Noelle Middleton and Victor Maddern, Carrington V.C. wracked up 5 BAFTA nominations including nods for David Niven and Best British Film.

The kind of film that proves that they don’t make em like that anymore.

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