Charlie And Lola Volume Six

Roadshow / G / Region 4

We promise, most very, absolutely, that Charlie and Lola is the bestest children show on television. Roadshow have just released the sixth volume of this utterly charming series featuring 6 episodes from the second season.

Charlie and Lola is based on Lauren Child’s award-winning children’s books. The animation reflects the distinctive style of the books and the exuberance and imagination of the characters: seven-year-old Charlie and his younger sister Lola. One of the biggest plus points of the series is the completely natural feel that is generated by using real little kids for the voices (as opposed to the annoying use of a female pretending to be a kid that is heard in so many animated series). Also a major positive is the top notch, funny and truthful dialogue, Child captures the world of a young person perfectly. It’s also got the best theme tune on TV.

Extras are out-takes and the bat cat video clip.

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