Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Certificate: MA | 1h 35minutes
Director: Bryan Goeres

Reviewer: Alan R
Extras: No

Andrew McCarthy, Michael York, Bo Derek

Nova Communications, a large media group, are holding a high-level board meeting on the future direction of the company – the president is resisting changes, but his deputy is in favour. Then some terrorists burst in and during the melee the company president is murdered. A news crew filming a fly-on-the-wall documentary for Vision TV captures the unfolding events but they are also murdered.

Hank Robinson (McCarthy) is a rival journalist from a small-time news station trying to get a story and he seizes the opportunity by taking the dead cameraman’s tape and then passing it off as his own work. This scoop makes him famous and he is soon poached by Vision TV themselves
The “Crusader” of the title is a telephone informant who keeps giving Hank news tips. But as Hank uncovers more evidence he begins to believe that the terrorists were merely contract killers whose real intent had been to murder the company president so that his deputy could take over. But proving that may be difficult as the killers are now after him and the crucial evidence he holds.
It’s a very passable made-for TV thriller. The action is set in Spain – but it’s easy not to realise this at first since it is all spoken in English and centred around an English-speaking Spanish news organisation with American and British actors in the principal roles and all the “locals” speaking accented English.

“Crusader” is clearly going to be someone we know in the film but the tension is well maintained and leaves you wondering who that person is. There is plenty of action and car chases and a particularly effective female assassin. Overall, it’s not a big-budget, high-octane, stunt-filled Hollywood thriller, but for a TV movie it’s not bad.

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