Danny Bhoy Live At The Sydney Opera House

Madman Entertainment / 75 minutes / region 4

Danny Bhoy has such a nicely relaxed style that you can’t help but like him, softly spoken, this Scottish comedian is quickly finding himself very popular down under. This new release from Madman serves as a great souvenir of his tour around Australia last year.

Bhoy definitely knows how to amuse and though there is some swearing in the show he has the kind of style that easily translates to major stardom, he’s not overly political, in fact I don’t think theres a political joke in there and he’s not even particular topical but what he does have in abundance is that very good conversational style that marks the true stand up out as oppose to someone who comes on and tells a few dodgy jokes.

The show runs for around 70 minutes and Bhoy does well to keep up the laughs throughout, Madamn have also included a good set of extras to add to the fun too including performances by Bhoy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2003 and 2004; Highlights of the Sydney Cracker Festival in 2006, a recent performance on Sideshow with Paul McDermott, backstage footage, a photo gallery and various trailers.

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