Doris Day Show Season One

Season One of the sweet 1960’s sitcom made by Doris Day comes to DVD in a 4 disc box set from Umbrella.

When the Doris Day Show first aired to huge ratings in 1968, the blonde, all-American Doris Day was already a household name around the world, a Hollywood golden girl best known for star turns in a series of romantic comedies with Rock Hudson, and of course the hit song Que Sera, Sera.

The Doris Day Show ran for 5 years on CBS-TV in the US, was the number 1 program in its timeslot, and secured the Doris Day Legend. The Doris Day Show Season 1″ features Day as Doris Martin, a widowed mother who has left the city to raise her two young sons on the Mill Valley, California farm of her father Buck, played by Denver Pyle (The Dukes Of Hazzard). James Hampton (F-Troop) portrays hired hand Leroy B. Simpson. The series also stars Philip Brown and Tod Starke as sons Billy and Toby; and, Naomi Stevens as Juanita, the Martin’s housekeeper.

Like many programs during its time, The Doris Day Show also included a variety of popular guest stars in recurring roles.

DVD extras include Commercials & Promos/ What’s My Line?/ A Message From Doris/ Cast Interviews/ Special Footage/ Season 2 Preview/ Movie Trailer/ Umbrella Trailers.

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