Dr Who Audio Adventures: Dr Who Unbound – Exile

Distributor: Big Finish
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Main Cast: Colin Baker as The Doctor | Katy Manning as Iris Wildthyme

Reviewer: Fred Hamer
Discard all accepted of the Doctor and the things he does…………. Ready, now read on.

On Gallifrey the Doctor is on trial, but before the trial begins the Doctor escapes, however two Time Lords on the Council are in pursuit of him. The Doctor flees to his favourite planet (any guesses yes your right Earth) and to hide his tracks the Doctor undertakes an unprecedented action so that he has to regenerate.

The new guise of the Doctor works in a supermarket and goes down to the pub at night to booze with friends, a cunning plan indeed. But strange happenings have begun, the Doctor’s previous generation keeps appearing and talking about Ograns and aliens. Also a strange transmission from somewhere in space has started to appear.

The Doctor has suspicions about these occurrences but wishes to remain hidden. However the pursuing Time Lords concoct a cunning plan which catches out the Doctor and taken back to Gallifrey to face trial. The Doctor knows that a death sentence is eminent. The Doctor knows that SHE is in the greatest danger. And has no knowledge what the Time Lords plan to do.

A Doctor Who story unlike anything I have read, heard or seen before not only in the new Doctor format but also story structure. All the cast works well the two Time Lords experiences in modern day Earth are hilarious. A different type of story to get your head around, but well worth the effort.

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