Dukes of Hazzard Season Four Region 1 DVD Review

Distributor: Warner Home Entertainment
Certificate: Not Rated | 21 Hours
Available to buy
Extras: Yes

John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach,

Boasting a massive 9 discs this fourth season of the good old boys in action is probably the quintessential season for fans of the show, very aware of the shows popularity the cast and crew are supremely comfortable with the format and are happy to play up to it.

Storyline wise nothing much has changed from the previous seasons, Bo and Luke are still trying to stay one step ahead of Boss Hogg (one of the key episodes sees Hogg hiring a pair of Bo and Luke impersonators to try and land them in trouble – he also tries to frame Daisy in one episode too), Daisy is still wearing her short shorts and the General Lee is still the car to be seen in around Hazzard County. Watch out for country singers Mickey Gilley and Buck Owens among the guest stars as well as Star Trek alumni Jonathan Frakes.

Season four is also pivotal in the series history for another reason too, Wopat and Schneider got to thinking that they deserved a larger slice of but the producers thought otherwise and didn’t bring them back for season five….

This is a great box set and an essential purchase for fans of the show.

Main extra is a feature called The Dukes Story: Building The Legend which features audition footage from 1978 as well as new interviews with the cast; There is also an audio commentary on the episode Double Dukes with Wopat, Schneider and Bach.

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