Fear Of Music: The 261 Greatest Albums Since Punk and Disco by Garry Mulholland

Published by Orion Books

Garry Mulholland tackles the classic album after his brilliant volume on the 7 inch single This is Uncool. Fear of Music would have to be one of the best music critique type books we have come across and over the last few years there have certainly been a whole phalanx of them.

What puts Mulholland’s book up to the top of the pile though is the stance he takes, so many magazines and mujsical experts trot out the same cliched lists, let’s face there is more to music than Sgt Pepper or unfinished Beach Boys albums. Mulholland puts forth the view that some of the best music has been made since the late 1970’s, acts who never get the kudos they deserve are re-appraised and given the Mulholland stamp of approval.

And yes, in a way, he is definitely right, some stunning albums have emerged in the last couple of decades, the 1980’s in particular seems to have been totally ignored by the music critics for years but here he redresses the balance and while you might not agree with all his choices (Bow Wow Wow? Lets face it, great cover, shame about the songs) they do spark off debate and most importantly of all they do make you want to hear the albums. In fact he’s cost me a fortune in Itunes downloads this month.

A quirky and entertaining read.

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