Hinge And Bracket Gala Evenings

Acorn Media UK / Region 2

There have always been female ompersonators and then there is Hinge and Bracket of course, never once letting their facade slip George Logan and Patrick Fyffe created a pair of absolutely real late middle aged light opera singers, who, after hitting the big time at the Edinburgh fringe festival never looked back. Unfortunately the partnership came to an end when Ffye died a couple of years ago but now with their sitcom Dear Ladies also just released and this new Acorn release Gala Evenings, we have the chance to catch them in their prime and at their best.

Gala Evenings is a series of one off BBC specials recorded between 1977 and 1981, introduced by Joseph Cooper and Corbet Woodall, the evenings were a continuation of the by now legendary Stackton Tressel Festival (which began in 1954) but which had grown so popular that they had to move to the Royal Hall, Harrogate and The Opera House, Buxton. Featuring not just Dr Evadne on Piano and Dame Hilda on vocal duties but also appearances from the Stackton Tressel Choir, Stackton Tressel String Ensemble led by Andrew Orton and Stackton Tressel Operatic and Choral Societies.

As a kid I was never in any doubt that the dame and the doctor were real ladies and was quite fond of their sitcom, these gala shows were new to me but the level of wit and repartee is very high and its great to see the two of them almost duelling with their barbs and their sometimes lapses into bad taste.

Fans of the duo are going to find this very funny and we definitely recommend it to any one who has yet to enter the world of Stackton Tressel and all it contains.

Special features include an exclusive interview with George Logan.

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