Hold Tight By Harlan Coben

Published by Orion

Harlan Coben has, over the last few years, risen to the top of the tree when it comes to the edge of your seat thriller genre and his latest novel, Hold Tight, certainly doesn’t disappoint.

There is a slightly different vibe this time out with its small scale suburban setting and teenagers on the brink is sure to strike a chord with those readers with growing kids. Tia and Mike Baye are your archetypal middle class couple; Mike is a hard working doctor and Tia is a corporate lawyer. Their problems start though when they become concerned that their normally outgoing 16 year old son Adam is becoming increasingly withdrawn, not helped by the suicide of his best friend. When Adam goes missing Tia and Mike discover that their son may just be involved in something that could shake their entire world.

A typically thrilling read that fairly rockets along. One of the key issues in Hold Tight is how modern technology is creating problems for parents as they struggle to deal with not always knowing what their kids are up to inside their own home.

With its surprisingly intricate plotting and an intriguing subplot involving a take no prisoners killer Hold Tight is definitely a book to keep you reading long into the night.

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