In The Sixties by Barry Miles

Paperback. Published by Random House

A key figure in the story of the 1960’s in the UK, Barry Miles is probably not as widely known as he should be.

Involved in everything from helping the Beatles run their avant garde offshoot Zapple to be the publisher of the infamous International Times. He was also partly responsible for John meeting Yoko (he co-owned the Indica gallery where the pair first met.

Not so much an autobiography as a memoir of the key period in his life In The Sixties is nigh on essential for anyone who wasn’t there. Heavy on counter culture (Miles mixed with Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Charles Olson, Richard Brautigan and Charles Bukowski – he even organised the famed 1965 poetry reading at The Royal Albert Hall) and also pop culture, there are walk on parts for such names as Leonard Cohen (Miles lived at the Chelsea Hotel at the same time as Cohen, The Stones, Pink Floyd and even a certain Frank Zappa.

Miles does sometimes come across as a bit of a Zelig type character, always there in the background for major events but In The Sixties is never less than very interesting and fascinating for anyone interested in this key decade.

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