Jane And The Dragon: Dragon Diva

Roadshow Home Entertainment / Certificate: G / Region 4

“Hey now, hey now, now, Jane and the Dragon are best friends now”

Such a brilliant use of animation makes Jane and the Dragon one of the most beautiful looking kids shows on the box. This, Dragon Diva, is the third DVD release from the series and features a further four episodes.

A co-production with the WETA workshop, the team behind all the special effects on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, they’ve used the same motion capture technology as was used to create Gollum and it renders the story in wonderfully lifelike style.

Based on the books by New Zealand author Martin Baynton Jane and the Dragon tells stories of the feisty Jane who in medieval times is desperate to train to be a knight, her best friend just happens to be a 300 year old dragon, who having been raised an orphan is keen to learn more about his dragony background.

This is a really, really good show, its mixture of sketched graphics and the motion capture stuff make for a fully realised and highly detailed storybook style medieval world. The stories themselves are wonderfully engaging, with lessons to be learnt and room for more than the odd fart gag.

This release from Roadshow is not to be missed.

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