Lords Of The Bow By Conn Iggulden

Published by Harper Colllins

Having out Cornwelled the legendary Bernard with his superb Emperor series, Conn Iggulden (who last year topped the UK Sunday Times Bestseller charts in both Hardback Non-Fiction (with the Dangerous Book For Boys) and Hardback Fiction (with Book One in the Ghenghis series Wolf of the Plains) has come up with another thrillingly good drama of epic scope with the Ghenghis Khan series, book two of which, Lords of the Bow, is released on 1 February by Harper Collins.

Wolf of the Plains was one of the best adventure reads of last year and Lords of the Bow picks up with Temujin of the Wolves, Genghis Khan, being given the accolade of overall leader of all the tribes of the Mongols. Now he can begin to meld all the previously warring people into one army, one nation. He is determined to travel to the land of the long-time enemy, the Chin, and attack them there.

Not only must Genghis succeed in this incredible campaign, but he must also reconcile the restless factions among his own generals, mediate between his ambitious brothers and cope with his own reactions to his growing sons. The young warrior has become a notable and victorious military commander of thousands: he must now learn to become a great leader of peoples of many different races and religions.

Definitely not to be missed.

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