Mythbusters Car Special Volume Two

Beyond Home Entertainment / Released January 2009

Featuring Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman

The Mythbusters team turn their attention once again to the world of cars and embark on a frenzy of “petrol head” mythology. This two disc set offers up a compilation of two specials, Cars on Celluloid and Common Car Myths in which the team, led by Adam and Jamie set out to give you the gen on a whole tank full of myths.

In Cars on Celluloid, its movie mythbusting with a look at just whether Batman’s grappling hook device could actually work as well as a recreation of the cop car prank from American Graffitti. The guys also plan a little movie stunt of their own involving a 67 chevy impala and a jato rocket. Truly explosive stuff!

In common car myths the team tackle everyday car tales such as whether air con is more or less efficient than driving with the windows down; Which is more dangerous – driving under the influence or driving whilst talking on a mobile and most esoteric of all, just how does a potato stall a car.

Mythbusters is always hugely enjoyable and this definitely has to be marked down as essential for all fans of the show.

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