Night Court Complete Third Season DVD Review

Warner Home Video / Region 1 / Released March 2010

The court room has always been a place of high drama but the fabulous Night Court (which ran through most of the 1980’s) turns the tables for a sitcom feast of wacked out weirdos parading through New York’s Manhattan Night Court.

Season three, just released in a three disc set by Warner, features 22 episodes in which Judge Harry T Stone (played by Harry Anderson), the highly unconventional and flip overseer of the court, always manages to give the people passing through a fair hearing. Other regulars include bailiff Bull Shannon (Richard Moll) and the excellent John Larroquette plays Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding. Also on board for this third series is court matron Flo Kleiner (Florence Halop taking over from the departing Selma Diamond) and legal aid attorney Christine Sullivan (played by Markie Post).

Highlights of the season include cases involving a man who claims to be from Venus, a witch who quickly has Harry in her spell and the arrival of five expectant mothers to the night court.

It’s an unusual premise but having the ability to have different people coming through each episode adds greatly to the comedy, the whole thing in fact works incredibly well. It’s highly funny with sharp dialogue and is well regarded by comedy aficianados which makes the DVD releases more than welcome.

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