Nip/Tuck Season Four

Warner / Reg 1 / Not rated / 713 minutes

Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, John Hensley, Joely Richardson

The boys with the sharpest hands in the back are back for a fourth season of what may be the sexiest, most daring show on the box. It’s always the sign of a good show when you can’t believe that you are already upto the fourth season and it does seem like only yesterday that Nip/Tuck started.

The show is a fantastic look at the vacuous modern day celebrity obsessed world and peels back the layers on the world of two cosmetic surgeons based in Miami’s South Beach, Dr Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is the surgeon with something of a conscience who shies away from some of the more drastic requests his patients make whilst Dr Christian Troy (Julian McMahan) is the coke snorting, out for a good time and more than willing to overstep the boundaries surgeon.

As always with this show there is plenty to bend the mind including an episode set in the far future! There are also some top name guest stars including the likes of Larry Hagman, Brooke Shields, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathleen Turner, Jacqueline Bisset and the legendary Catherine Deneauve. Of course so caught up in the whole plastic surgery as a way of life are the majority of hollywood that they don’t see anything out of step with the raison d’etre of the show. It’s a bizarre old world and the boys at Nip/Tuck are at the forefront of the creating of the beautiful people that inhabit it.

This five disc set from Warner Bros features all 15 episodes from the season and is certainly not a series for the feint of heart, but despite it’s high sex, violence, hands over the face moments Nip/Tuk is very very entertaining, McMahon is a revelationand Dylan Walsh is of course his usual excellent self.

Full of outrageous moments and archly satirical dialogue Nip/Tuck is a must see.

Extras include deleted scenes, a feature on the seasons guest stars, a gag reel, a feature on the surgical procedures used on the show and a look athe sexuality of the series.

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