Nothing To Lose By Lee Child

Published by Random House

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher is a bit like Dr David Banner from the Incredible Hulk (without the turning into a big green monster bit of course), travelling down a never ending road in search of some kind of inner peace but always seeming to be pulled into other people’s problems.

Ex-military policeman Jack Reacher is a big hard man who you wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alley and you certainly wouldn’t want to make him angry so when he decides to cross the line from Hope into Despair (quite literally as it is the name of two small towns in Colorado) he finds that a search for a cup of coffee sees him drawn into a conspiracy that stands to uncover a scandal of epic proportions.

Whilst in the town of Hope, on his journey across the States, Reacher decides to deviate from his planned route by 12 miles simply because the next town along is called Despair; Hope is all sweetness and light whilst Despair is exactly the opposite and when four men try to run Reacher out of town , before he has even had his coffee too, it does not take him too long to realise that there is something rotten in this state of Despair. Teaming up with a local female Hope cop Reacher determines to get to the bottom of things. No matter what it takes.

Another exciting story from Child who is a bit like an unstoppable runaway juggernaut, he doesn’t deviate at all in the telling of his story which manages to fit enough twists and turns to easily keep you hooked. Reacher is a classic maverick loner hero, cut from the same cloth as James Bond but with a cheesecloth shirt instead of a dinner jacket. Men want to be like him and women want to be with him, Reacher though, Littlest Hobo style, forms no long term attachments and just keeps movin’ on.

Pacy, action packed and a top read.

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