Number 96 The Pantyhose Strangler

Umbrella Entertainment / Region 4

“Oh My God – it’s you”

The series that saw Australian TV finally growing up at last comes to DVD in a fabulous four disc set.

Starting in 1972, Number 96 was a huge popular sucess, never before had the Australian viewing audience seen so much “real life”, ie sex, on the box in the corner and the stories of the residents of the 8 block of flats (as well as a deli and chemist – later a wine bar) made stars of all the main players, Abigail of course becoming something of a Marilyn figure in the process. The series ran until 1977 and one of its biggest storylines was the hunt for the evil Pantyhose Strangler which caused a fuss back in 1975.

The four disc set features a massive 32 consectutive episodes that get right to the heart of the Pantyhose saga with pretty much every male in the building propping up as prime suspect. Fantastic stuff!

Special features include an audio commentary, a look at Channel Ten News reunion with some of the female members of the cast and a picture gallery.

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