Ozploitation Volume One

Umbrella Entertainment / Region 4

Having been long time fans of the genre, it’s great to see the cult Aussie exploitation movie finally getting the recognition it deserves. Umbrella Entertainment have put together a pair of six disc box sets featuring the very best in the way of ozploitation.

Ozploitation 1 takes in sexual horror shenanigans in the shape of the highly controversial double feature Night of Fear and Inn of the Damned, sauce galore in The Naked Bunyip, chilling thrills with Robert Powell in the rightly highly regarded Harlequin, the Kangaroo Hitchcock of Road Games, the got to be seen to be belived film that is Turkey Shoot and the film that started it all The Adventures of Barry McKenzie

Packed full of extras including docos, commentaries, image galleries, deleted scenes and original trailers, these movies are a massive part of our cinema heritage from a key period when we were finding our feet and growing as a nation.

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