Play School: Out Of The Box

Roadshow / G / 125 minutes / no extras

Justine Clarke, Jay Laga’aia, Georgie Parker, Matt Passmore, Leah Vandenberg

There’s a bear in there….

It’s great to see Play School on DVD, a staple of our lives since 1966 and a veritable icon of children’s television. This collection features current faves Justine, Jay, Matt and Leah and semi regular Georgie Parker involved in makes, singing songs, being silly and generally engaging the pre school viewer.

One of the joys of PS is the way the presenters engage the small viewer, my little boy will always want to get involved in an activity that has been sparked by something he has seen on play school, whether that be making a paper mache frog or making a rocket and the good thing is the stuff you need to make them is always material you have lying around the house.

We love Play School and its great to see it finally getting some recognition of late, especially with the recent 40th birthday celebrations and the special Logie award. Highly recommended.

Idea for a future release: A golden moments from across the last forty years, guaranteed to appeal to every one from grandparents to toddlers, all of whom have their favourite presenters of course, which vary from the ones they watched as kids to the ones they watched with their kids.

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