Rush – R30

Sanctuary Records

Legendary canadian prog rockers Rush come to DVD on 28 November 2005. In a career spanning 30 years this Canadian three piece have often been misunderstood; by critics, by their record label and often by their own fans, Rush have never quite fitted in, to some just another heavy metal band to others they are too clever by half, in reality Rush have always stood alone, always evolving, the very definition of a progressive rock band. This year the boys have been back on the road for their 30th Anniversary World Tour and this new DVD release from Sanctuary Visual Entertainment Filmed using 14 hi-definition cameras at the Festhalle, Frankfurt on 24th September 2005 – the long-awaited R30 DVD includes 2 outstanding discs.

ABOUT THE RELEASE Disc 1 includes the entire Frankfurt concert – packed with classic hits, the powerful set unloads itself onto the crowd. Disc 2 features a full-length documentary on the history of Rush, packed with rare and classic performance footage from the early 1980s through to the Tsunami relief performance from 2005.

Presented in 16:9 widescreen with awesome 5.1 surround sound – Rush R30 is the ultimate live Rush experience. The Deluxe set also includes 2 exclusive audio CDs featuring the audio from the Frankfurt concert – not available for sale separately, the 2 CDs are only available as part of the Deluxe R30 package. Also includes two guitar picks & an authentic back-stage pass.

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