The Brady Bunch Season One

Paramount / 4 disc set

Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, AnnB Davis, Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams

Okay everybody sing “it’s the story of a lovely lady…”

The Brady Bunch, which has just had its first season released by Paramount, is like your favourite comfort food, the show we all grew up with. What’s brilliant about watching the show on DVD of course though is – no ads! In fact since the advent of DVD we’ve completely given up watching re-runs on TV, why spend 15 minutes of every half hour watching advertisements for products that you don’t want to know anything about when you can choose your own time to watch your favourite shows in pristine condition and without interruption.

A sitcom that has that real classic 70’s feel, the Brady Bunch follows the ups and downs of widower architect Mike Brady and his three boys, Greg, Peter and Robert after he marries the also widowed Carol Martin who has three girls, Marcia marcia marcia, Jan and Cindy. Much of the first season focuses on the extended family learning to live with each other and battling for the bathroom etc.

The Brady Bunch is the ultimate ideal of American family values and wholesome goodness and a massively important piece of pop culture from its opening theme tune to its iconic changing grid opening titles and of course it goes without saying that everybody should have a little Brady around the home.

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