The Night Listener

Time Life / Region 4 / Seasons 1 and 2 out now, season three coming soon

Robin Williams, Toni Collette, Sandra Oh

A wonderfully realised spooky little thriller that plays out at times like a vintage Stephen King story from the seventies. Based on the novel by Arimstead Maupin the Night Listener features another top performance from Robin Williams (who is making some great career choices these days and proving in the process what a versatile actor he really is); Williams plays gay writer and late night radio show host Gabriel Noone who becomes personally involved in the harrowing story of an abused boy who has written a book about his experiences, although he has never met the boy he talks to him on the phone regularly and the two strike up a friendship.

When some funny events strike doubt into Gabriel’s mind about the physical existence of the boy he decides to visit him in person only to find himself drawn into a deeper mystery (which we definitely can’t say too much about here without giving the whole shebang away).

The Night Listener plays some serious mind games, not just with Gabriel but the audience too. Toni Collette is actually the key to the story which has a genuine air of menace about it, a bit like an MR James ghost story or something.

Definitely a must see movie and one that will leave you thinking at the end of it.

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