Venture Bros Season One

Madman Entertainment / MA15+ / Region 4 / 2 disc set

We love The Venture, a very cool slice of cartoon send up from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim strand. Sedning up shows like Johnny Quest this adults only show follows Hank and Dean Venture, the sons of inventor Dr Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture. The boys manage to find adventure at every turn and usually have to be helped out by Brock Sampson, Dr Venture’s aide de camp.

What makes The Venture Brothers so good is the fact that the cast are all complete fools, everything they touch goes wrong and everyone is out for whatever they can get, whether that be sex, violence or the unexpected losing of kidneys! Like Jonny Quest the boys also have to do battle with various super villains hell bent on world domination. There’s some good plot arcs that run through the show too, Dr Venture is the son of a world famous inventor, Jonas Venture, and he is always try to come up with something to top his fathers exploits, he never does of course as most of his schemes go wrong. Well lats face it, all of his schemes go wrong. He mostly seeks refuge in pills and bizarre dreams. The guys also have an arch nemesis in the shape of The Monarch who is determined to rid the world of Dr Venture forever (although no one is quite sure why).

Definitely not for the feint of heart (or kids!) this is a fantastic series full of scatalogical humour and often pretty rude stuff. Not to be missed.

Extras are plentiful and include the original pilot The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, A Very Venture Christmas Bonus Episode, various deleted scenes, Behind the Scenes of The Venture Bros. Live Action Movie and Cast and Crew Commentaries

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