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Feb 13, 2015

Dead Of Night (Ealing 1945 with Michael Redgrave and Mervyn Johns)

UK / Ealing / 104 minutes / 1945 filmed in black and white

Writers: John Baines, Angus McPhail, T E B Clarke from stories by H G Wells, E F Benson, John Baines, Angus McPhail / Music: George Auric / Cinematography: Douglas Slocombe, Stan Pavey / Producer: Michael Balcon / Directors: Basil Dearden (The Linking Story, The Hearse Driver); Alberto Cavalcanti (The Christmas Story, The Ventriloquist’s Dummy); Robert Hamer (The Haunted Mirror); Charles Crichton (The Golfing Story)

Cast: Mervyn Johns, Roland Culver, Mary Merrall (The Linking Story); Anthony Baird, Judy Kelly (The Hearse Driver); Sally Ann Howes, Michael Allan (The Christmas Story); Googie Withers, Ralph [...]

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Jan 28, 2015

Millions Like Us (Gainsborough 1943 with Patricia Roc, Gordon Jackson)

UK / GFD – Gainsborough / 103 minutes / 1943 filmed in black and white

Writers and Directors: Frank Launder, Sidney Gilliat / Cinematography: Jack Cox / Music: Louis Levy / Producer: Edward Black

Cast: Eric Portman, Patricia Roc, Gordon Jackson, Anne Crawford, Joy Shelton, Megs Jenkins, Basil Radford, Naunton Wayne, John Boxer, Moore Marriott,

Warmly co-written and very well co-directed by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat (the only film the pair actually directed together), Millions Like Us provides a vivid and realistic portrait of a British family during World War Two. In 1939 father Moore Marriott joins the Home Guard and learns to look after himself, [...]

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Apr 6, 2014

Chance Of A Lifetime (Pilgrim Pictures 1950 with Kenneth More and Bernard Miles)

UK / Pilgrim Pictures / 93 minutes / 1950 black and white

Writers: Bernard Miles, Walter Greenwood / Cinematography: Eric Cross / Producer: Bernard Miles / Directors: Bernard Miles, Alan Osbiston

Cast: Bernard Miles, Basil Radford, Niall MacGinnis, Geoffrey Keen, Julien Mitchell, Josephine Watson, Kenneth More, John Harvey, Hattie Jacques,

When industrialist Dickinson (Basil Radfrod) sacks a worker and has a strike on his hands, he remarks that he would willingly change places with the workers. They take him at his word and he rents them the factory.

Employees Stevens (Bernard Miles) and Morris (Julien Mitchell) are appointed managers by their [...]

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