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Apr 12, 2015

Barlow And Chambers: A Long Way From Home (Channel 9 1988 with Hugo Weaving and John Polson)

Australia / Channel 9 – Roadshow Coote and Carroll – Steve Krantz / 2×120 minute episodes / Broadcast 1988

Writer: William Kerby / Camera: Julian Penney / Design: Brian Thomson / Costume: Anna Senior / Executive Producers: Matt Carroll, Steve Krantz / Producer and Director: Jerry London

Drama serial. When her son and his best friend are jailed in Kuala Lumpar on drug smuggling charges Barbara Barlow mounts an unsuccessful campaign to try and get them free. The pair were later executed.

The serial caused a certain amount of controversy with both the parents of the pair feeling that the serial was untrue to the actual events. In overseas markets [...]

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Aug 9, 2014

A For Andromeda (BBC 1961 with Peter Halliday and Julie Christie)

UK / BBC / 7×45 minute episodes / Broadcast 3 October – 14 November 1961

Writer: Fred Hoyle, John Eliot / Design: Norman James / Producer: Michael Hayes, Norman Jones

Scifi drama serial. In 1970 in the Yorkshire Dales a group of scientists receive radio signals from space, once decoded these give them the ability to build a super computer. The computer demonstrates it’s power by creating a girl called Andromeda, one of the scientists decides the computer must be destroyed.

‘A For Andromeda’ (1961-62), is a half-forgotten gem from the BBC. This groundbreaking seven part science fiction serial would have become an all time classic and [...]

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