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Game of Thrones: A Day In The Life (HBO 8 Feb 2015)

Game of Thrones: A Day In The Life (HBO 8 Feb 2015)

by Mem TVJan 21, 2015

USA / HBO / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast 8 February 2015 @ 7.30pm

Something Game of Thrones fans always look forward to is the pre-season behind the scenes special that the producers and HBO put out each year. This years special is called A Day In The Life and follows three different fifth season locations across the course of one day – we get to see the Osuna in Spain, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Belfast in Northern Ireland as filming takes place on various scenes.

There are talks with various cast and crew members and whilst it is not the most enlightening fare it does offer up a fabulous whet the appetite vibe for when the series returns in April.

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