3rd Rock from the Sun (NBC 1996-2001, John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston)

3rd Rock From The Sun

In sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun Dick (John Lithgow) is the High Commander of an investigative alien team sent to Earth on a mission to learn everything about humans and their “advanced civilisation”.

Armed with sharp minds and a nasty habit of always telling the truthe, Dick, Sally (Kristen Johnston), Tommy (Gordon-Levitt) and Harry (French Stewart) set about their task by integrating into their local community.

It’s a hilarious take on how aliens could look at all the injustices and absurdities of human life and America in general with a simple, childlike logic.

Memorable moment: In the episode Fifteen Minutes of Dick, Sally beats up Luke Skywalker himself, actor Mark Hamill, in a restaurant. As a result of her temper tantrum, she becomes a celebrity and comic hijinks ensue when they all try to deal with her new fame.

Trivia: In the very first episode William Shatner, playing The Big Giant Head, talks about a horrible experience he had aboard an airplane and Dick shouts: “So did I!” This is an inside joke about an episode from The Twilight Zone called Nightmare at 20,000 Feet in 1963 where Shatner played the lead role. In a bizarre twist, Lithgow played the lead role in the very same story during 1983’s film Twilight Zone: The Movie.

John Lithgow as Dr. Dick Solomon
Kristen Johnston as Sally Solomon
French Stewart as Harry Solomon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy Solomon
Jane Curtin as Dr. Mary Albright
Simbi Kali as Nina
Elmarie Wendel as Mrs. Dubcek
Wayne Knight as Officer Don
Shay Astar as August
Chris Hogan as Pitman
Danielle Nicolet as Caryn
David Deluise as Bug
Ian Lithgow as Leo

crew details
Creators: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner
Executive Producers: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: NBC – Carsey Werner
Duration: x25 minute episodes 3×50 minute episodes
Aired From: 1996-2001

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